AFPT Code of Ethics

The Association for Provocative Therapy was set up to promote the ethical study of Frank’s work

All AFPT Members agree to adhere to the code of ethics:

1. Respect each person’s right to self-determination in deciding upon therapeutic treatments
2. Act at all times with integrity, professionalism and impartiality
3. Represent themselves, their qualifications, experience and membership of professional bodies honestly, and also (to the best of their knowledge) the skills, qualifications and experience of any third party to whom they refer any of their clients.
4. Only practise Provocative Therapy within the limits of their competency and to update skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis.
5. Present PT as a professional and effective approach
6. Respect legitimate needs and requirements for confidentiality at all times
7. Ensure that clients’ expectations, and the basis on which they will be met, are understood by both parties
8. Act within the law and not encourage, assist, or collude with others engaged in unlawful conduct.
9. Represent PT as an option rather than ‘a certain solution’ for any given problem.