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Provocative Change Works

Below are a list of links for Provocative trainings and resources. Please note that during Frank Farrelly’s lifetime and since his passing many people talked about “provocative communication” Often these are not in the spirit that Frank intended and it some cases a gross distortion of his original work.Regards Nick Kemp 

Provocative Change Works™ created by Nick Kemp, Frank Farrelly approved PT trainer draws inspiration and strategies from the work of Frank Farrelly among others to create a powerful set of tools for accelerated change. (Noni Höfner–tel.:
011-49-89-798-277) Provocative Therapy in Germany
Nick Kemp Training  Provocative Trainings by Nick Kemp in USA, Asia, Europe and UK (Nick Kemp Therapy site)
011-44-1274-622-994) Provocative Coaching in Holland
email: Dave Lake (Dave Lake–tel.:
011-61-8-9271-9271 ) (Steve Wells–tel.:
011-61-8-9271-9271 )