Preserving The Frank Farrelly legacy and spirit

I first met Frank Farrelly back in 2004 and was immediately amazed by the Provocative Therapy approach. Having spent many years studying all manner of approaches including NLP and hypnosis it was obvious to me that Frank was light years ahead of everyone else. I was also amazed at how little information was available aside from the original book “Provocative Therapy” The official Provocative Therapy website was very basic and all the listed trainings were a year out of date. There were no video or audio recordings available to the general public, so it was very hard for people to find out about Frank’s work.

I started hosting Frank in the UK from 2005 and recorded every single workshop as well as improving the online presence. Now for the first time it was possible to discover Provocative Therapy video and audio products as well as unpublished articles. Frank was greatly encouraging of these initiatives and when he passed, instructed his son Tim to send over his archive. His PA Kim Stokes commented “Frank never threw away anything” and boy she was right. Here in the UK we have materials dating back to 1950s, a vast archive of materials that have never seen the light of day.

This central site remains the official site for Provocative Therapy and will continue to provide good information in keeping with Frank’s spirit in teaching his approach. I regularly teach provocative trainings in Asia, USA and Europe. Countries like Japan, Austria, Switzerland, India, Israel, Holland, Spain and others have all embraced the provocative model. Frank was keen to bring provocative style trainings to a wider audience and loved hearing about my travels around the world. I have also run some online study groups on Frank Farrelly’s work so people can have access to unreleased footage and explore the many aspects of this multi layered approach. I have also been very vocal about maintaining Frank’s spirit when teaching his work. Frank hated the attempt to make his work “academic” with exams and other such nonsense. The heart of Provocative Therapy is to be able to work in a conversational manner to empower clients for useful and accelerated change. We’ll continue to catalogue Frank’s work and bring it to a wider audience. He is greatly missed and a genuine pioneer in the field of personal change.

Frank Farrelly

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