Provocative Therapy as Psychological Homeopathy

Provocative Therapy has been compared to homeopathy.

In Heidelburg, Germany (c.1993), at a large “Congress” of therapists from many countries in Europe, a homeopathic physician reported to the “plenum” about the Provocative Therapy workshop I gave at the Congress:

“I am a medical doctor and homeopathic physician, not a psychotherapist. But what I witnessed in the Provocative Therapy workshop I attended here was remarkably similar to homeopathy.

Homeopathy states that the symptoms of a given illness symbolize or represent our body’s attempts to heal itself.

Furthermore we can significantly assist our body’s efforts by giving it very small doses of a remedy which if taken in large doses by a healthy person would produce precisely the same symptomatology as the illness.

This process is analogous to the familiar one of immunization in which a minute dose of a specially treated diptheria or measles virus is given to the patient to effect immunization to those diseases.

Provocative therapy quite clearly ‘thins’ or attenuates the noxious elements in clients’ thinking, or feeling or behavioral patterns– as well as those debilitating influences in their social milieu– with laughable Daliesque imagery and warm humor, and feeds these back to clients.

I and others were amazed to see how quickly the change process began unfolding before our eyes in the interviews with the clients. Their ‘psychological immune systems’, in effect, rapidly began forming new solutions, emotional reactions, and behaviors, all of which were clearly functioning as “antidotes” to whatever problematic relationships, negative conditioning, or destructive mood states were in their lives.”

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    You’ve got it in one. Coudnl’t have put it better.

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